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Cebu's Premier Mountain Resort Residential Community

Monterrazas is a 200-hectare sustainable mountain resort residential community. It is a thousand feet above sea level overlooking the cities of Cebu, Mactan, Mandaue and Bohol beyond. It straddles on eight east oriented hills of Guadalupe and the outlying areas of Banawa, Tisa, Labangon, Buhisan and Sapangdaku.

Monterrazas de Cebu is the first and the only Mountain Resort Residential Community in Cebu City.

Monterrazas de Cebu has:

*Residential lots and dwelling units (houses and walk-up condos)
*Shopping Centers, Commercial Establishments (Restaurants, delis, cafes.
bars), Business Institutions and Hotel, School and Hospital
*Resort-inspired clubhouses in every phase with double infinity
swimming pools and dining lounges, fitness gym and spa
*Multi-purpose covered courts (basketball, badminton, tennis and etc.)
*Quaint picnic areas, secluded meditation gazebos, pergolas and parks
*Gentle walking, jogging and biking trials
*Children's playground
*Wireless fidelity (wi-fi) network
*Electronic pass to go inside the 4 entrance gates
*18-meter main avenues with sidewalks and plant strips
*Underground cable utilities at the Peak
*Subdivision Design Philosophy: Modern Filipino Architecture
*10-minute drive to Fuente OsmeƱa

The southern peak section of Monterrazas will be developed into a tourist destination like the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. It will be the best place to enjoy the multi-colorful night scene that encompasses Cebu. This is where the hotel will be placed too.

Within Monterrazas are treasures called the Peaks. The Peaks offer the most spectacular view of what is beyond. At the lower section, are the Hills. With gradual slopes and flats areas, the Hills offer lots and dwelling units (We are currently on the predevelopment stage and selling our Central Peak and North Ridge Hills Phase). The Hills is also where the town homes and condominiums will be placed. Further down are the Canyons, where commercial establishments will be located.

Because of the company's strong reputation of developing high-end residential projects, Monterrazas is now stepping in to become Cebu's most sought-after address. Monterrazas is going to be the landmark that the whole of Cebu will be proud. It is after all,

The Crowning Glory of the Queen City!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Monterrazas de Cebu

Premier Cebu Real Estate New Home Lots For Sale

Location Location Location! Monterrazas de Cebu is the new first class home address in Cebu City Philippines.

Foreign Nationals Protect Your Investment Assets in the Philippines. See more information below.

The new Monterrazas de Cebu is a Premier Mountain Resort Residential Community straddling eight east-oriented hills of Guadalupe and the outlying areas of Banawa and Tisa. Rising over a thousand feet above sea level, it has commanding panoramic views of the ocean, mountains, Cebu City, Mactan, and Bohol Islands beyond.

New Panoramic View Residential Lots For Sale

Price Per Square Meter: P9,383 to P16,000 Exclusive of 12% Value Added Tax

Home Lot Sizes: 350 to 1,300 Square Meters

A fully sustainable mountain resort community with residential lots and dwellings units, resort-inspired clubhouses with swimming pools, multi-purpose covered courts, quaint picnic areas, secluded meditation gazebos, parks, jogging paths, biking trails, planned commercial lots and spaces for schools, hospitals, office buildings, and wireless internet access for the entire Peak community and much more.

At the very top of Monterrazas de Cebu is the high plateau called the Peaks. The total area of the Peaks is about 60 hectares, with about 200 residential lots for sale. Don't waste time to stake your claim on these residential lot gems! Build your dream now by reserving a lot. For when they're gone, they are gone, and only available at higher prices from second party owners if available at all.

Contact us today for a viewing and more information.

Good day and good Cebu Real Estate Investing!

Foreign Nationals Protect Your Investment Assets in the Philippines

Currently foreign nationals are not allowed the specific right to hold Philippine land in their individual name. They are however allowed full and complete ownership in their individual name of a Philippine condominium.

The easiest and securest way for a foreigner to hold title of Philippine land, is to create a Philippine corporation to hold title. Either a stock or LLC type corporation. LLC is the simplest form to create, and just as secure as a stock corporation. Many foreign individuals and companies form an LLC type of Philippine corporation.

Incorporating allows the foreign national through their Philippine corporation the best way to own Philippine land with the lowest risk and the most control over of their Philippine investment assets. Along with a Power of Attorney, and Declaration of Trust agreements, from the Filipino co-incorporator, foreign nationals are now assured that their Philippine investment assets are secure, and under their control.

The best and easiest form of Philippine corporation for a foreign national to form is a Limited Liability company. A limited liability company ("LLC") is a legal form of business company that is an amalgam between a partnership and a corporation. The members have the same tax benefits as a partnership (unless the members of the LLC elect to be taxed as a corporation) at the same time being able to take advantage of the limited liability for the actions, obligations and debts characteristics of a corporation

Advantages of an LLC

Limited Liability. Like the shareholders of a corporation, the owners (called 'members') of an LLC have limited liability for business debts.

Pass-Through Taxation. An LLC with multiple owners will, by default, be taxed as a partnership. Owners report their share of the profits and losses of the LLC on their personal tax returns, and no separate tax is assessed on the company itself.

Management Flexibility. LLCs have much more management flexibility than corporations. An LLC may be managed either directly by its owners or by a manager who may be one of the members or may be hired to run the business. An LLC may have an unlimited number of owners.

Simple Record Keeping. Unlike corporations, LLCs are not required to hold an annual meeting and draft meeting minutes.

Deductible Expenses. Similar to a corporation, normal business expenses like an owner's salary may be deducted from the profits of an LLC before the LLC's income is allocated to its owners for tax purposes.

Flexible Profit & Loss Allocations. Unlike a corporation, an LLC is not required to allocate profits and losses in proportion to ownership interest ("member interest'). This means that the owners of an LLC can agree to allocate the company's profits and losses among themselves however they see fit and not necessarily based on the percentage of the company each owner controls.

Disadvantages of Limited Liability Company

Limited Life: Corporations can live forever, whereas a LLC is dissolved when a member dies or undergoes bankruptcy.

Initial Public Offering: Business owners with plans to sell shares of their company to the public, or issuing employee shares in the future, may be best served by choosing a corporate business structure.

Added Complexity: Running a sole-proprietorship or partnership will have less paperwork and complexity. As a foreign national, your LLC will have no choice but to be classified as a corporation for tax purposes.

Foreign National Buyers

We provide foreign nationals wishing to purchase a home lot in Monterrazas de Cebu, stock or LLC incorporation services, so you can purchase and hold title in your corporate name with complete security and control over your investment.

Contact us for more information and processing. We want to help you make a secure and profitable investment here at Monterrazas de Cebu.

Good day, and good Cebu real estate investing!